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I’m a bit buzzed, friend, and wanted to give you an update on my writing day.  I wrote about 15 pages, and edited 10.  Everyone has a different standard, but for me it was a really great day.  I haven’t done any messing around on Photoshop to accompany my writing, but even so I’m chalking it up as an unnaturally productive day.

As I get farther into the second draft of my novel, Awake, I find that it’s written much better the further into it I get, and therefore requires a lot less editing.  I thank my past self that wrote the book for that, and am wondering if I should pick up the editing pace as it gets easier and easier to edit the text due due to a diminishing number of errors.  Then again, month or two ago my editing pace was glacial, and I couldn’t conceive of editing at the pace I’m going at now, so maybe I should just continue to progress one step at a time.

Well, I thing I’m going to get back to it.  I hope you have a happy and pleasant week, dear friend.