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The sun comes up and starts the day,
The people get up and get on their way,
As I get myself ready and as I walk out the door,
Sometimes I wonder what it’s all for

These motions we go through to fulfill wants and needs,
We stock up on things we can’t take when we leave
They say you’ll be happy if you just do what they tell,
And yet antidepressants have never sold this well
Get in line, or step aside,
If you step aside you’d better hide
For in the new way dissenters have no place,
Start a mass protest and they’ll smash your face

So go about your life and pretend to agree,
But never lose your will to be free
And when the time comes be ready to grab,
For few opportunities are there to be had
Break out of your chains and fly high in the sky,
And never stop moving until you die