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The new tower reaches up in defiance
Ever since that tragic day
We have worked to show we’ll triumph,
We will not be told what we can say
We will not be forced to do things their way,
Though we grieve for those we’ve lost
Some just things have their cost

I was much younger back when those buildings fell
Naive in worldly matters
But I’ll always remember that fall day well,
A man jumps out as if to fly but only falls and shatters
Thinking of all of those who’d died our souls were in tatters,
We’ll never forget, and we’ll never be the same
We’ll never stop tending Liberty’s flame

So let us rally forth and protect our ideals
Fly your flag but don’t forget the freedom it means
Don’t be fooled by false appeals,
For some things aren’t how it seems
Not everyone is on our team,
Some will sell it all away for a few dollars more
And will not stop ’till we’re all poor

This stuff isn’t a partisan issue, it’s an American issue. Fairness, Equality, and Liberty is what it means to be an American. Don’t let plutocrats take that all and leave you with just a flag.