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When the leaves come down and the nights get cold,
And the days get short and the nights get long,
When the flowers die and the wind gets bold,
And winter begins to sing its song,
And everything scrapes just to get along,
A beast comes to our town, frightening and fierce
With claws that tear, and teeth that pierce

It walks like a man, with the shape of a bear,
Long claws, with teeth bright white
And blood red eyes that do nothing but stare,
Once glance from them gives fright
It stalks around our cold town, hidden by the night,
Tapping on windows with long claws
The horrible monster, this awful sight,
It laughs at nature’s laws

Of those it takes, not much is known,
For they are never seen again
But from the yells and shrieks and groans,
They must surely meet their end
And then it vanishes into the night to find another friend

So if some time you hear it outside,
On a cold night in December
Go into your closet and try to hide,
Lest you be dismembered