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I’ve been writing a lot of short stories while editing a novel. They’re really fun to write, but I kind of want to start writing another novel while I edit this one.

I think that short stories are by far the most fun to write.  I love writing novels, but there’s something about the payoff you get from seeing a short story from start to finish in a week or so that only a short can give you.  I also like that it lets me refine my craft by letting me quickly go through a story ark.  Plus, there’s just some stories that want to be short.

I do want to start another novel though.  I haven’t published any yet (just a novella and some shorts), but I’ve written two that are around 100k words each.  I’m editing one of them, but I feel the urge to start the draft on a new one while still editing the one I’m working on now at the same pace.

We’ll see how it goes.  As always, I am optimistic.  Right now I’m editing about 2500 words a day and writing 1200.  I don’t think it would be too bad to kick up the writing to 2k words in order to get another novel draft done.

Take care everyone, and thanks for the read.