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The new year is set to rumble in, five minutes from now as I start this post.  I’m spending the evening reading Salem’s Lot for the first time (I know, I’m a huge King fan, but have put this one off until now, probably a decade after first hearing about it), with my daughter nestled snugly in a nearby room, her four-year-old brain oblivious to the coming of the new year.

Last year, after having written and published nothing but short stories, I resolved that this year I would finally write a novel.  This year I’ve written two novels, a novella, and a number of short stories, so it’s gone fantastically.  While the novels aren’t up yet, you can find my novella here.

For this coming year, I resolve to get my two novels out, and hopefully write two more.  The world is filled with endless possibilities, and we should reach out and grab with both hands, no?

And I see we’ve slipped into the new year while I was writing. I hope everybody has a fun, safe night, and a great year!