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Coming from the unique perspective of someone who wrote about the phenomenon of shootings before they became an obsession of the mass media, King’s Guns is a must-read for people of all political persuasions.

The reader may come into the essay thinking King is biased one way or the other based on their political perspective, but you should find quickly that King cannot be easily put into the cheap cookie cutters the mass media and the main parties think everyone can be put into these days. A gun owner and anti-reactionary, King does not approach this essay as some sort of hippy trying to rid the world of weapons, and instead approaches the subject reasonably and with the writing that makes you feel like his personal friend that King is so good at.

We would all be better off if everyone read Mr. King’s essay with an open mind and took it to heart. Lay aside your biases and just appreciate his essay as written by a New England intellectual who has a lot of years and a lot of thoughts.