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Hey everyone, just wanted to check back in and let you all know what I’m up to. I’ve been doing a lot of work writing and editing, delayed for a bit by a death in the family. Writing seems to be the best medicine for everything, and it’s really helped me through all this.

The novel that my editor was working on is completed, after three long drafts and his draft on top of it. I found a great cover designer from Latvia, and he’s currently working on the cover for the book. I have high hopes for what he comes up with, as his examples were nothing short of excellent.

I’m editing another novel now, one that I wrote even before this one that’s coming out soon, and am on the second draft of it. I let two novels build up before starting to edit either of them, and I must say from the amount of work I have in store for me now that I don’t advise it.

Finally, I’m working on the first draft for a new novel in the spare time I find away from editing or other work. It was a bit of a struggle to find my pace, but I’m a little past the fiftieth page now and I think I’ve found my groove. It’s much more fun for me to write than edit, so it’s currently my baby.

Anyhow, hope everything is going well with all of you! If there’s anyone who would like to take a look at an advance copy of my novel that’s coming out soon, Awake, I’d love to send over a free copy when the cover is done in exchange for fair reviews when the book is released.

Take care everyone!