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Hey, everyone! Sorry I’ve been on a bit of a prolonged absence.

I know the old saying goes something like “like assholes, everyone has excuses and they all stink,” but in my defense I had a death in the family. You never think of all the work that goes into a death until it happens, and thank god for that. You have the hospital and funeral home to deal with, an obituary to write, flowers to arrange, resolving finances with debtors, the list goes on and on. (This wasn’t all on me, by far, but just to give you a picture of the situation. A “pic of the sitch”, as the imaginary future kids in my head put it.)

I spoke at the funeral. That may not seem like a big thing, but there was (I’d estimate) 200 people packed into that tiny church.  When the time came where the priest invited anyone to “stand up and share some memories”, my legs made me stand up as if on their own accord, and I spoke a short paragraph about how my grandmother would have loved to see the turnout.

On a less somber note, nearly everything has come together for my first novel, Awake. After three drafts, editorial review, cover design, and ebook formatting, things are looking great. As soon as I publish the book, probably in the next week and possibly in the next few days, you’ll be  among the first to know. Hit me up on here if you want a free copy, I’m glad to bypass Amazon’s paywall for you, dearest reader 🙂

I must sleep, but thank you for catching up on current events to me. I write for you.