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Hey there everyone, just wanted to give you an update on where I am right now.  Sorry it’s been a bit since I last posted on the craft, life does have a tendency to get in the way at times.

I’m still editing one of my novels, but it’s almost done now.  Soon I’ll have it ready for the editor, so look for it in a few months!  It’s a tale about a group of campers up on a mountain for a party when they find that the end of the world has permanently extended their vacation.  They adapt and survive, but as they learn to find food and fend for themselves a strange, bear-like animal begins hunting them from the woods.

I’m also writing another novel.  I just hit page 200.  It feels like it’s starting to wrap up, I think this book will be around 60-70k words when finished, as opposed to the 100k+ of my first two books.  It’s nice to work in a bit of a more constrained space.

I just finished a couple of short stories, and will probably try submitting them to some of the ezines.  Cross your fingers for me on that, we’ll see how it goes!

I’d better hit the hay, my little girl will be waking up in about 8 hours and we have a long day of playing ahead of us.  Thanks for reading my update, and I hope you have a great day.

PS- I added a signup for my newsletter on the left bar of this page.  I hope you sign up for it!