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This is another flash fiction story I originally posted on Reddit:

Joaquin was working late. Carlos had called in sick the way he did the day after every payday, and Joaquin was stuck covering half of his shift. It would be a 14 hour day when it was all said and done. Fucking bastard.

Tonight he was stuck scrubbing out the industrial blender. Used to chop up beef into fine fine chunks for canned chili, it was a disgusting mess every time he cleaned it. Scrape scrape scrape, scrub scrub scrub, ad nauseum.

He was so absorbed in his work that he didn’t even notice Esteban walk in and start mopping the floor. He noticed the click when Esteban’s mop handle hit the “on” button on the blender he was working on though.

There wasn’t even enough time to open his mouth to scream.