A dance, a craze,
A look, a gaze,
Fireworks in the distance, a hot night,
Two stupid guys getting in a fight
The night is young, full of wonder,
The wild ones play while the safe ones slumber
What is this life, what is the meaning?
Why do I have all these feelings?
I push them down, a man doesn’t worry,
He’s neutral and bustling, moves in a hurry
The stars are so bright, but a rocket drowns them out,
While the masses of people babble and shout
I heard fireworks have been around for ages,
Even shot off of Elizabethan stages
Were they the same as us?
Did they wonder and fuss?
I conclude that it’s likely as I ponder and sightsee
Moving away from the mass to the empty downtown
The masses deserted to The Park for the dark
Fireworks show