Sometimes I ponder,

That bush over yonder,

The purple shade of its leaves

It stares sometimes at me, you see?


I swear to you, that it’s true

That sometimes at night, when I’m filled with fright,

The hue of the leaves turns blue


Now, Doug, I’m not crazy, you know I’m not sinful or lazy

A hard-working, sound man I am


But I swear it’s true, the leaves turn blue,

At night when no one can see

At night through the window I see flashing lights,

While I lay in my bed, filled with dread


But it won’t scare me anymore, you see?

For nothing in the world will overcome me,

Not some stupid bush


I’ve come up with not just one plan, but three,

To destroy this looming bush


I must leave now, but Doug please promise me,

That you will look after my wife and child,


They both need a gentle touch, one gentle and mild


I will be back if I survive,

But this poem ends now if I don’t escape alive